Magnavox TV troubleshooting

Find Out Some Magnavox TV troubleshooting Tips

Do you want to know some Magnavox TV troubleshooting tips? We all know that repair calls can be awfully expensive and in most cases, any form of problems that arise with your Magnavox TV will be very basic in nature, but some folks do not have ideas on how to fix their TV set, so we have collected some tips for you.

The first step in Magnavox TV troubleshooting is to check the video cables that connect to your device to ensure that they are properly plugged in. Press the closed caption button on your remote to make sure it is turned off. Check out to see which input device is plugged in and press the input button on your remote to ensure you are on that input mode. While this may sound very basic, if your Magnavox TV has no sound, you have to check that you have not pressed Mute on your remote control and the volume is set to a reasonable level. Make sure that there are no headphones attached to your Magnavox TV. The sound on your Magnavox TV will immediately be turned off if no video signal is detected. Take a look at the white and red audio cables that connect to your device on your Magnavox TV to ensure they are firmly plugged into the correct input jacks.

If your Magnavox TV will not work to your remote control, you should first try placing a new set of batteries. If you are using rechargeable batteries, a full charge normally takes 6 hours. Using a soft microfiber cloth will clean the sensor on your Magnavox TV and on your remote. Your remote might not work if you are trying to use it further than 20 feet away from your Magnavox TV. In the situation that you do not have your Magnavox TV connected to a cable or satellite receiver, you need to have Autoprogram your television to find any missing channels. To complete this, press the Menu button on your remote control, then scroll to Installation, and press the cursor right button. You then select the Autoprogram submenu and press OK. Select Cable or Antenna and then press the green button on your remote control to proceed to the next screen. To set the Autoprogram, press the green button again. If the above Magnavox TV troubleshooting tips do not help your problem, refer to your owner’s manual or contact Magnavox immediately.